Thursday, April 23, 2015

Doesn't Matter If You Dig Basketball ... Just ... Read

Why Grantland will soon rule the world (emphasis mine) ...

Thank the gods for Clippers-Spurs, the series that’s single-handedly salvaging the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. I’m not including the Eastern Conference, because anyone who’s been paying attention — and of course you have — always expected the East bracket to be a whey-colored puddle of saliva seeping from the somnolent open-mouthed gape of our collective ambivalence. The East is basically the Cavs and seven Star Trek redshirts. (Sorry, Hawks.)

But, the West … the West was supposed to be so much MORE. That was before injuries devoured the Trail Blazers (not to mention the Thunder), leaving behind a cadaverous punching bag; before Rajon Rondo turned from a tortured genius into a petulant board-game-obsessed fuckboy. The first round in the West was supposed to be an unprecedented and glittering constellation of stars aligning in a competitive big bang. Instead, what we’ve got is essentially a Tidal-esque flop — big names and great records, signifying nothing.

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