Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jordan Harper is the Shit

I could open this post by saying Jordan Harper is the crime writer we all want to be. That his collection of stories, Love and Other Wounds, is one of the best collections I've read, crime or otherwise. That this 159-page volume will go not to the bookstore for resale (like 80-90 percent of the books I buy), but instead to the bookshelf next to a very small contingent of short story masters (e.g, E. Annie Proulx, Denis Johnson, Raymond Carver) ...

Instead, simply this, from "Your Finest Moment":

Maybe you should kill her first, seeing as how she was the one who promised you true love forever and then went and sat on another man's dick. That is the first thing you think when you come back from a fishing trip early, drop by your girlfriend's place, and walk up to the apartment complex parking lot just in time to see her lead Danny Fucknuts in through her door. Your first thought is to take her and break her, jelly her face up with a rock, a tree root, something ancient and jagged. Smash her, crush her, make her slick and wet with blood.

Buy the collection here.

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